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Sunterra Chooses Provision Analytics to Automate its Food Safety

Sep 16, 2021
Calgary, Canada

Sunterra Greenhouse has chosen Provision food safety software as part of its technology solution for Alberta’s most advanced new greenhouse.

Sunterra Greenhouse is a new division of the prominent Sunterra Group, which includes markets, farming, and processing operations across North America. It is constructing a new greenhouse spanning an impressive 20 acres under glass, including LED and HPS, which accounts for 18 acres of tomato production, and 2 acres of strawberries. The greenhouse will embrace a selection of technological advances to support year-round growing.

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Sunterra is delighted to build on Alberta’s ag-tech sector with a data-driven greenhouse project. The decision to automate our food safety program with Provision Analytics is congruent with our goal of leveraging the latest technology to produce the best quality produce, safely and efficiently.

Amanda Hehr

President, Sunterra Greenhouse

To operate at the highest food safety standard, data from each greenhouse process will be streamlined into dynamic digital forms in Provision. This delivers paperless compliance for CanadaGAP requirements, and saves labour at Sunterra Greenhouse. The forms have rules and procedures built in, helping to prevent safety and quality deviations in real-time. The data captured in Provision feed into reports in the software, enabling process analytics that help Sunterra’s operating insight.

Provision, also based in Alberta, has quickly become one to watch in the global agtech industry. It has doubled its employee headcount in the last year, keeping pace with adoption across three continents. Within Canada, the company has been excited to onboard food industry leaders such as Bee Maid Honey and VersaCold Logistics over the past year.

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The food industry was once slow to adopt technology, primarily because of its usability. With a new generation of highly usable software, the time savings are immediate. This enables technology adoption, which in turn unlocks data-backed decisions that will improve safety, sustainability, and quality. We’re excited to be a part of that journey with Sunterra, a true visionary in North American food.

Erik Westblom

Co-Founder & CEO, Provision Analytics

Sunterra and Provision will work together through the fall to introduce out the food safety software, in service of the greenhouse producing local food for consumption by Christmas.

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About Provision Analytics

Provision Analytics was founded in 2018 to provide digital solutions for food safety and quality assurance. Its cloud software is fully configurable to suit any commodity, process, and food safety standard. Provision clients use dynamic digital records to capture process data, with automations to ensure compliance and reports to expedite audits and analytics. Since inception, the software has been adopted by leaders in agriculture, manufacturing, and distribution across three continents. The company maintains Canadian offices in Calgary, and American offices in Chicago.

About Sunterra Greenhouse

Sunterra Greenhouse is the latest addition to the Sunterra Group of Companies. Based in Acme, Alberta, alongside the Sunterra Farms Head Office and Soleterra d’Italia, Sunterra Greenhouse will incorporate 20 acres of the latest technological advancements to supply premium, locally grown strawberries and vine tomatoes year-round. Grown under glass with strictly controlled microclimate conditions, the greenhouse will provide optimal growing conditions for the plants to thrive, even in cold winter climates. The greenhouse expansion plan includes three additional phases over the next 3-5 years, for a total of 70 acres, with the first phase scheduled for planting October 2021.

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