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Provision Announces Partnership with Grupo Delcen for Latin American Expansion

Jun 26, 2022
Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico

Provision Analytics and Grupo Delcen Food Safety today announced a strategic partnership that will enable Grupo Delcen to distribute, implement, and support Provision’s food safety software.

Grupo Delcen provides consulting services for food safety management systems. The company’s solutions are well-known in areas such as staff training, supplier assessment, and contamination defense, helping food and beverage companies enhance compliance for GFSI certifications and government regulations. Over the last 30 years, Grupo Delcen’s clientele have grown to include industry leaders such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Grupo Bimbo, Alsea, La Moderna, Grupo Lala, and Cuervo, among others.

While many such food and beverage companies have existing digital solutions for inventory, logistics, and other aspects of their business, most are still using an unspecialized combination of paper and spreadsheet for food safety record-keeping.

Using Provision’s cloud software, Grupo Delcen can now digitize and partially automate the food safety management systems it designs for clientele.

The software allows companies to set automatic rules, instructions, and deadlines in simple digital records, thereby limiting and detecting compliance mistakes. Provision records harmonize with supplier approvals, policies, and product specifications, and many operating locations can be unified in one customizable hub for reporting. This makes it faster to complete audits, and easier to analyze process data for compliance insight.

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“Provision is designed to be intuitive for even the least technical operators. By streamlining how process data is captured, linked, and analyzed, Provision clients don’t only enhance safety – they also improve their control of quality and cost. This partnership fits perfectly with our service portfolio and we are excited to introduce this digital solution to our clientele across Latin America.”

Joaquin Nava

CEO, Grupo Delcen Food Safety

Provision released translation functionality in early 2022, allowing its software to be used in English, French, and Spanish. This has furthered its global adoption with clients such as Chata, one of Mexico’s largest manufacturers of packaged foods spanning burritos, meat, rice, and more.

With Grupo Delcen, Provision will now benefit from multi-lingual support staff and localized services for software training and configuration. Together, the two companies’ employees span 16 countries in North, Central, and South America.

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“Grupo Delcen is a globally-recognized expert in food safety. By harmonizing our services and software, we can accelerate global adoption for an improved management system – one that reduces manual review and human error, instead giving food safety managers the tools to work smarter.”

Erik Westblom

Co-Founder & CEO, Provision Analytics

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About Grupo Delcen

Grupo Delcen is an independent company with 30 years of experience in the food industry, providing consulting, training, auditing, evaluation, and other specialized services for food safety management systems. Its experience allows clients to adhere to the highest international standards, including the Global Food Safety Initiative, Codex Alimentarius, and applicable national legislations. Grupo Delcen has worked with more than 600 food companies across 17 nations.

About Provision Analytics

Provision Analytics was founded in 2018 to provide digital solutions for food safety and quality assurance. Its cloud application is fully configurable to suit any commodity, process, and food safety standard. Provision uses dynamic digital records to capture process data, with simple automations that ensure compliance. All data can be summarized in customizable reports, which expedite food safety audits and streamline process analytics. Since inception, Provision has been adopted by leaders in agriculture, manufacturing, and distribution across three continents. The company maintains Canadian offices in Calgary, and American offices in Chicago.

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